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Because "technology is now evolving faster than people's understanding of all its ramifications," The Outernext Guidelines Initiative. - Full text, Origin story: Once upon a time, John C. Havens of Porter Novelli and Jack Mason of IBM got together at a pub in Maplewood, NJ...


The Outernext Guidelines Initiative

A global forum to discuss how pervasive, mobile computing, augmented reality and smart objects, sensors and devices are transforming the World Wide Web to the Web World Wide. The objective: to anticipate the cultural, commercial and policy implications that the convergence of digital and physical realms will engender


  • Provides an open environment, conversations in a global forum.
  • Encourages a global scope, recognizing contributions from everywhere they spring.
  • Fosters civil discussion, empowering innovation by recognizing how people interact with technology.
  • Creates opportunities to meet in person, sharing food and thought.


Quick Start

The Internet of Things

A general representation of the underlying technology

Not just tactics, but rather transformation



Voicing Concerns

The Issues: Privacy, Security, Ownership, etc.

Virtual Air Rights




Augmented Reality Resources

Semantic Web Resources



Augmented Reality Events



Chris Grayson's Twitter List: Augmented Reality Peeps

Outernext News



Please shoot John an email: john DOT havens AT porternovelli DOT com.

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